Company History
Company History

Briarlane Condominium Property Management Inc.'s roots are well-entrenched in the property management industry as well as in the DNA of Briarlane's founder Geoff Suters.  Geoff's father, Bob, was involved in the creation of the Ontario Housing Corporation in the 60's; his views on accessible, affordable housing contributed to shaping Ontario's condominium industry and its future Condominium Act.

Briarlane Condominium Property Management's hands-on approach to property management is a reflection of Geoff's career, hard work and accomplishments, but also the value his clients place on his counsel and style of condominium management.  While Geoff's entry into the industry was with a developer which built and managed apartment buildings and townhouses, like his father, Geoff recognized the demand for both property management companies and property managers that the burgeoning residential condominium industry was creating.  Geoff and his partners seized this opportunity and established a rental and commercial property management company in 1977.  

In 1989, when Geoff sold his interests in Highmark Properties, he established a small property management company in response to former clients' requests to have him continue the property management of their condominiums in his personal, hands-on style.   

In the mid 90's, Geoff assumed the role of Vice-President of Park Property Management's condominium division; in 1999, he acquired it.  The new "Briarlane" property management firm consisted of both a rental and condominium division.  Since 1999, the condominium division has been based in York Region under Geoff's direction and serves condominium clients in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora and Newmarket. 

Referrals remain an ongoing source of Briarlane Condominium Property Management's business thanks to Geoff Suters and the Briarlane Condominium Property Management team's abilities to meet and exceed customers' expectations and deliver the personalized, hands-on "boutique" style of services that selective condominium corporations throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and York Region now desire.


Briarlane, the Greater Toronto Area's hands-on "boutique" property management company.

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